Out & Ally List


The following faculty, staff, and instructors have pledged to act as allies to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex (LGBTQQI) members of the UNM community. Their pledge includes:
- Doing their best to ensure that their students, co-workers, and colleagues feel safe and supported
- Standing up against hetersexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia
- Working to create an inclusive environment for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations
In addition to pledging their allegiance to the LGBTQQI community at UNM, the individuals whose names are followed by a ** wish to be identified as an “out” member of the LGBTQQI community.

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UNM LGBTQ Resource Center Out and Ally List

A.J. Odasso Honors College **
Alex Lubin American Studies
Alex Paramo Provost Oce
Alexandra Mirabel QSA
Alexis Pulos Graduate Studies
Alice Parrish Residential Education
Alicia Chavez Ed. Leadership & Org. Learning
Allen Baros English
Alma Rosa Silva-Bañuelos LGBTQ Resource Center **
Alyosha Goldstein American Studies
Alyssa Hedrich LGBTQ Resource Center **
Amanda Beck UNM Sleep Disorders Center **
Amy Brandzel American Studies
Amy Gardiner Neurosciences **
Amy Korzekwa CEOP
Anabel Paredes Out Womyn **
Anastasia Andersen SOM Student Affairs
Andrew Yazzie American Indian Student Services **
Anjana Mudambi Communications & Journalism
Anne Schultz University Libraries **
Antionette Tafoya Sociology
Arielle Scherrer QSA/LGBTQ Resource Center
Arlene Espinoza Psychology **
Armando Bustamante El Centro de La Raza Legislative 
Ashley Archiopoli Communications & Journalism
Ashley Carlson English
Audra Kerwin Neurosciences **
Avelina Martinez Biology
Barbara Busch COE Administration
Barbara Rodriguez Speech and Hearing Sciences **
Barry Gainez English
Belinda Wallace, Ph.D. Equity and Inclusion
Benjamin Smith Independent Study
Berthold Unland African Studies **
Bessie Gallegos Provost Office
Bev Hall COE Administration
Bradley Cullen Geography **
Brenda Hardway
Brandi Lawless ASM Foundation
Brian Herrera Theater and Dance **
Britany King Biology **
Brittany Tabor American Indian Student Services
Candice Lopez Extended University **
Carmela Starace Graduate Studies **
Carolyn Gonzales Communications & Marketing
Cathy Binger Speech and Hearing Sciences
Charlene Lechuga, Ph.D. Equity and Inclusion
Cherese Fine African American Student Services
Christina Jensen Religious Student Program
Christine Hatch
Christine Trahan Biology **
Christopher Ramirez Equity and Inclusion
Cindy Mason American Indian Student Services
Connie Dennison Institutional Research
Connor Lites UNM Greek Life **
Dachary Vann School of Fine Arts **
Dani Kvam Communications & Journalism
Daniel Borreho Student Accounts Receivable
David Lucero CAPS **
Dean Wyse


Deborah Cole University Libraries **
Edward Fancovic Internal Medicine **
Elaine Avila Theater and Dance
Elisa Pintor PNMGC **
Elissa Julia Torres
Elizabeth Hutchison History **
Elzabeth Nielsen Educational Specialities
Elizabeth Silva PNMGC
Franklet Flores LGBTQ Resource Center **
Frida Moreno LGBTQ Resource Center **
Gabriel Pacheco Provost Office
Gail Houston English
Garen Sparks Speech and Hearing Sciences
Glinda Wyndorf College of Fine Arts
Gloria Carol College of Education **
Gregoria Cavazos Communications & Journalism
Heather Smith Pediatrics
Heidi Hopkins Biology
Helen Harris COE Administration
Jacqueline Ulrich Planning and Campus Development
Jamar Smith Statistics
Janelle Ryan Out Womyn **
Janet Gaines English
Janet Lear Teacher Educations
Janet Patterson Speech and Hearing Sciences
Janice Acton American Indian Student Services
Japji Hundal Anderson School of Management
Jason Wilby Foreign Languages & Literatures **
Jaye Jensen Physics & Astronomy **
Jennifer George Anthropology
Jennifer Love Provost Office
Jessica Goodkind Pediatrics
Jessica Ramos Provost Office
Jessica Rowland Sustainability Studies
Joann Buehler College of Education
Jody Necessary
John Carr Geography
John Maguire Student Health and Counseling **
John Oetzel Communications & Journalism
Jordan Biro History
Josephine De Leon, Ph.D. Equity and Inclusion
Joshua Frank American Inidan Student Services **
Julia Anderson Sociology
Julia Scherba de Velenzula Special Education
Julie Lucero Communications & Journalism
Julie Williams English **
Justin Brock English
Karen Patterson Anderson School of Management
Katherine Blaker Seech and Hearing Sciences **
Katherine Davey Sociology
Katherine Henderson American Indian Student Services
Kathleen Clawson Theater and Dance
Kathryn Wichelns Women's Studies
Katie Olsuka College of Arts and Sciences **
Katie Richarson Physics and Astronomy
Kelley Peters Educational Specialties **
Kelly Hutton Latin American Studies **
Ken Van Brott EV
Keneeth Lythgoe Communications & Journalism **
Keri Oetzel Bolton Ind, Fam, Comm Ed.
Kimberly Gauderman History
Kris Miranda Philosophy
Kristen Loree Theater and Dance
Kristopher Goodrich College of Education **
Kyle Fiore English
Larry Gorbet Linguistics
Laurel Lampela Art History **
Lawrence Roybal, Ph.D. Graduate Resource Center
Leasa Medina  Women's Resource Center
Les Field Anthropology
Leslie Donovan University Honors **
LGBTQ Resource Center **
Liliana Sosa LGBTQ Resource Center **
Lilly Lawrence-Metzler LGBTQ Resource Center **
Lina Sandve M Physics & Astronomy **
Lindsay O'Connell Family & Community Medicine
Linnea Ista Center for Biomedical Engineering
Lissa Knudsen Communications & Journalism **
Lorena Blanco-Silva Equity and Inclusion
Mara Kerkez University Communications and Marketing
Marisa Clark English **
Martin Lopez **
Mary Romero VP Research **
Matt Makofske CAPS **
Matthew Rush NSMS
Mary Cian   one Office of the Vice President for Research **
Megan Grey Sociology
Megan McRobert CRP
Meghan Sickmeier
Melanie Moses Computer Science **
Melissa Trent Philosophy
Michael Winker
Michael Wolfe English **
Michael Weinberg Graduate Programs
Michelle Ozbun Molecular Genetics **
Miquela Ortiz Out Womyn **
Office for Equity and Inclusion
Olivia Gallegos American Indian Student Services **
Oscar Gonzales CRP
Pam Agoyo American Indian Student Services **
Pamela Cheek  Foreign Languages and Literatures
Philip Dale Speech and Hearing Sciences
Rachel Levitt American Studies **
Rebecca Rendon de Gonzales  Equity and Inclusion
Renee Delgado EDYP
Richard Schaefer Communications & Journalism
Ricky Hill Communications & Journalism
Riti Sachdeva Theater and Dance **
Robin Camardo University Communications & Marketing
Romero Alonzo  Theater and Dance
Ruth Galvan LLSS **
Ruth Studdard Residential Housing
Ruth Wylde E Office of Admissions **
Samantha Tetangco English **
Sarah Holmes Communications & Journalism
Sarah Smith Anderson School of Management
Sari Krosinsky Communications & Marketing **
Scott Freundschuh Geography **
Sean Chavez Psychiatry, Dermatology **
Sean Routzen American Indian Student Services
Shannon Haynes-McCoy Biology
Sherri Barrett UNM West Advisor
Silvia Lu University Libraries
Stacia Smith Theater and Dance
Stephanie Padilla College of Fine Arts
Stephanie Sanchez Anthropology **
Steven Bihop  Foreign Languages
Steve Harris University Libraries
Summer University Studies **
Summer Little Women's Resource Center
Sunny Wijesinghe Nursing
Talerra Rich Out Womyn **
Tammy James-Pino American Indian Student Services
Tema Milstein Communications & Journalism
Teresa Ortiz UNM Student Family Housing
Tierney Garrett Psychology
Tina Reynoso Sociology
Todd Hollister Libraries
Tom Root Provost Office
Tracy Chaeon Sociology
Tracy Wenzl Speech and Hearing Sciences
Travis Woods Center for Biomedical Engineering **
Trisha Martinez Sociology
Ursula Farzad College of Fine Arts
Veronique Richardson Equity and Inclusion
Vicky Dueer Institutional Research
Victoria Waugh-Reed Ed. Leadership **
Virginia Shar History
Virginia Shipman Ind, Fam, Comm Ed.
Wendy Pedersen University Libraries
William Campillo LGBTQ Resource Center **
Willow Anderson Communications & Journalism 

Women's Resource Center