Out & Ally List


The following faculty, staff, and graduate assistants have pledged to act as allies to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) members of the UNM community. Their pledge includes:

- Doing their best to ensure that their students, co-workers, and colleagues feel safe and supported
- Standing up against heterosexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia
- Working to create an inclusive environment for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations

In addition to pledging their allegiance to the LGBTQIA community at UNM, individuals whose names are followed by a ** have agreed to be identified as an “out” member of the LGBTQIA community.

Do you want to join the UNM LGBTQ Resource Center's Out & Ally List? Do you want the community to know that you're a safe person to go to? Fill out the appropriate form below. 

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We publish the Out & Ally List every year on National Coming Out Day, but the list is always growing!

 UNM LGBTQ Resource Center Out and Ally List

Staff and faculty names are listed in the left column, their department is listed in the middle column, and an asterisk is in the right column if the person identifies as an "out" member of the LGBTQ community
Name Department Out
A.J. Odasso English Department (Graduate Assistant) **
Alicia Chavez Ed. Leadership & Org. Learning  
Alyosha Goldstein American Studies  
Amanda Beck UNM Sleep Disorders Center **
Amy Brandzel American Studies  
Amy Gardiner Neurosciences **
Amy Korzekwa CEOP  
Anastasia Andersen SOM Student Affairs  
Andrew Yazzie American Indian Student Services **
Angela Catena Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity  
Anna Caswell  Cancer Center  
Anne Schultz University Libraries **
Anne Turner English Department (Graduate Assistant)   
April Adams Division of Equity and Inclusion   
Arielle Scherrer QSA/LGBTQ Resource Center  
Arlene Espinoza Psychology **
Armando Bustamante El Centro de La Raza Legislative   
Assata Zerai Sociology, Division for Equity and Inclusion **
Audra Kerwin Neurosciences **
Avelina Martinez Biology  
Barbara Busch COE Administration  
Barbara Rodriguez Speech and Hearing Sciences **
Barry Gainez English  
Belinda Wallace, Ph.D. Equity and Inclusion  
Bessie Gallegos Provost Office  
Brenda Hardway    
Brittany Tabor American Indian Student Services  
Cameron Langner Arts & Sciences Advisement  **
Candice Lopez Extended University **
Carolyn Gonzales Communications & Marketing  
Cathy Binger Speech and Hearing Sciences  
Cindy Mason American Indian Student Services  
Connor Lites UNM Greek Life **
Dachary Vann School of Fine Arts **
Daniel Borreho Student Accounts Receivable  
Danielle Berrien College of Arts & Sciences (staff)   
David Lucero CAPS **
Edward Fancovic Internal Medicine **
Elena Matthews Career Services **
Elisa Pintor PNMGC **
Elizabeth Hutchison History **
Emily Bird-Brown GA, Hispanic Linquistics; Dpt. Spanis & Portuguese  **
Frankie Flores LGBTQ Resource Center **
Gail Houston English  
Garen Sparks Speech and Hearing Sciences  
Ian Birdwell  Physics and Astronomy (Graduate Assistant)  **
Jamar Smith Statistics  
Janelle Ryan Out Womyn **
Janet Gaines English  
Janet Patterson Speech and Hearing Sciences  
Jason Wilby Foreign Languages & Literatures **
Jennifer George Anthropology  
Jennifer Love Provost Office  
Jessica Goodkind Pediatrics  
Jessica Ramos Provost Office  
Jessica Rowland Sustainability Studies  
Joanna Furnans LGBTQ Resource Center **
Jody Necessary    
John Carr Geography  
Julia Scherba de Velenzula Special Education  
Julie Williams English **
Karen Patterson Anderson School of Management  
Kat Heatherington Art Department Graduate Office  **
Katherine Blaker Seech and Hearing Sciences **
Kathleen Clawson Theater and Dance  
Kathryn Wichelns Women's Studies  
Kimberly Gauderman History  
Kristopher Goodrich College of Education **
Kyle Fiore English  
Kyle Henderson Center for Development and Disability **
Larry Gorbet Linguistics  
Laurel Lampela Art History **
Lawrence Roybal, Ph.D. Graduate Resource Center  
Les Field Anthropology  
Leslie Donovan University Honors **
LGBTQ Resource Center   **
Linnea Ista Center for Biomedical Engineering  
Lissa Knudsen Communications & Journalism **
Lorena Blanco-Silva Equity and Inclusion  
Maggie Sumruld Arts & Sciences Academic Advisement   
Marisa Clark English **
Melanie Moses Computer Science **
Michelle Ozbun Molecular Genetics **
Office for Equity and Inclusion    
Olivia Baca Faculty, University Libraries & Learning Sciences (CULLS) **
Pam Agoyo American Indian Student Services **
Pamela Cheek  Foreign Languages and Literatures  
Philip Dale Speech and Hearing Sciences  
Rebecca Rendon de Gonzales  Equity and Inclusion  
Richard Schaefer Communications & Journalism  
Robin Camardo University Communications & Marketing  
Sarah Smith Anderson School of Management  
Sarah Volden College of Education and Human Sciences **
Sari Krosinsky Communications & Marketing **
Scott Freundschuh Geography **
Sherri Barrett UNM West Advisor  
Sherry Reeder Ophthalmology Clinics **
Stacia Smith Theater and Dance  
Steven Bishop  Foreign Languages  
Sushilla Knottenbelt Faculty, Chemistry BA/MD  
Tema Milstein Communications & Journalism  
Teresa Ortiz UNM Student Family Housing  
Tracy Wenzl Speech and Hearing Sciences  
Trisha Martinez Sociology  
Wendy Pedersen University Libraries  

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