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UNM Statement on Orlando Massacre

The University of New Mexico mourns the unspeakable loss of so many lives in Orlando.  The LGBTQ community—long oppressed and subject to violence—is marked by exemplary love, strength and resiliency. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.  This incident has impacted all of us from Orlando to Albuquerque, particularly the LGBTQ, Latino and Muslim communities, as well as individuals with intersections of these identities.  We are reminded this is not only a time of mourning, but also a time for reaching out and connecting with each other’s humanity.  The University of New Mexico stands with the faculty, staff and students and the LGBTQ community during this difficult time.

The LGBTQ Resource Center is a home for many of our LGBTQ faculty, staff and students and their staff is available to reach out to anyone affected by this tragedy.  To learn more about what UNM is doing in the wake of this incident, please go to http://lgbtqrc.unm.edu/about/news.html.


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Through safety, education, advocacy, and support, the LGBTQ Resource Center serves as a physical environment from which LGBTQ* visibility on the UNM campus can grow.
A number of resources offered within the LGBTQ Resource Center’s physical space, as well as and services that reach out further into the UNM community.

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