UNM LGBTQ Resource Center PRIDE Scholarships

Scholarship Information

The UNM LGBTQ Resource Center Pride Scholarship is available to any UNM student who can demonstrate financial need for the current semester. Selected undergraduate or graduate students will be awarded up to $500.

☐ One-page personal statement addressing the following:

               A. Describe your financial situation that has led to your request for funding from the LGBTQ Resource Center

              B. Please explain your commitment to promoting the needs of LGBTQ individuals and how it has impacted your academic experience.

☐ A current unofficial transcript

☐ Completed application form

Application Cycle

1.        Scholarships will be accepted during the following months:
           - September, October, November and December for the fall semester
           - February, March, April and May for the spring semester
           - June and July for the summer semester

2.        Applications will be reviewed on the 1stand 15thof each month. 

3.         An interview with a representative of the LGBTQ Resource Center selection committee must be scheduled prior to scholarship review.

Scholarship Process

☐Submitted completed application to LGBTQ Resource Center

☐ Once application is verified to be complete, an appointment will be set up by the student with a representative of the LGBTQ Resource Center