Out & Advocate List

The following faculty, staff, and graduate assistants have pledged to act as advocates to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) members of the UNM community. Their pledge includes:

  • Doing their best to ensure that their students, co-workers, and colleagues feel safe and supported
  • Standing up against heterosexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia
  • Working to create an inclusive environment for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations

In addition to pledging their allegiance to the LGBTQIA community at UNM, individuals whose names are followed by a * have agreed to be identified as an “out” member of the LGBTQIA community.

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We publish the Out & Advocate List every year on National Coming Out Day, but the list is always growing!

UNM LGBTQ Resource Center Out and Advocate List

Staff and faculty names are listed in the left column, their department is listed in the middle column, and an asterisk is in the right column if the person identifies as an "out" member of the LGBTQ community
AJ OdassoEnglish, Graduate Assistant*
Alana Carstens YalomOB-GYN
Alesia HallmarkBiology, UNM Sevilleta Field Station, Staff
Alex OlsonPsychiatry, Faculty
Alicia ChavezEd. Leadership & Org. Learning 
Alyosha GoldsteinAmerican Studies 
Alyssa MayoOB-GYN
Amanda BeckUNM Sleep Disorders Center*
Amanda YoungDepartment of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Faculty 
Amie OrtizFinancial Services Division, Staff Council, Staff*
Amy AtianoHuman Resources Client Services, Faculty *
Amy BrandzelWomen, Gender & Sexuality Studies / American Studies, Faculty 
Amy GardinerCell Biology and Physiology*
Amy KorzekwaCEOP 
Anastasia AndersenCollege of Nursing  
Andrew YazzieAmerican Indian Student Services*
Angela CatenaOffice of Compliance, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity, Staff 
Angie BeauchampFilm and Digital Arts Department, Staff Council, Staff*
Anna Caswell Cancer Center, Staff 
Anne SchultzZimmerman Library, Staff*
Anne TurnerEnglish, Graduate Assistant 
April AdamsDivision for Equity & Inclusion, Staff
Arlene EspinozaPsychology*
Armando BustamanteEl Centro de La Raza, Staff & Staff Council DEI Committee Chair 
Assata ZeraiSociology Faculty, VP Division for Equity and Inclusion*
Athena SalazarHSC Custodial, Staff*
Audra KerwinNeurosciences*
Axle ArandaInformation Technologies*
Barbara BuschCOE Administration 
Barbara RodriguezAcademic Affairs, Office of the Provost, Faculty 
Belinda Deneen Wallace, Ph.D.English, Faculty 
Bessie GallegosProvost Office 
Betsy TaylorOB-GYN, Faculty *
Bizzy HemphillArts & Sciences Advisement, Staff*
Brenna McGuireDepartment of OB-GYN, Faculty 
Brita AlleyOB-GYN
Brittany TaborAmerican Indian Student Services 
Cameron LangnerArts & Sciences Advisement, Staff*
Cami HartmanStudent Support Services, Staff
Cara NinivaggioOB-GYN, Faculty*
Carolyn GonzalesCommunications & Marketing 
Casey SmithOB-GYN
Cathy BingerSpeech and Hearing Sciences 
Chris BacaAssociate AD for Student Development, Staff
Christy MillerPelvic Physical Therapy, Staff
Cindy MasonAmerican Indian Student Services 
Cris ElderEnglish Department, Faculty
Cyndi McLainHSM / Project ECHO/ ECHO Digital, Staff
Dachary VannSchool of Fine Arts*
Danielle BerrienCollege of Arts & Sciences Advisement, Staff
David LuceroHSLIC, Staff*
Dolores CastroOB-GYN, Staff
Dr. Lisa M. TaylorCollege of Nursing, Faculty
Echo JardiniEnglish, Graduate Assistant*
Edward FancovicInternal Medicine*
Eileen O'ShaughnessyWomen, Gender & Sexuality Studies and LLSS, Graduate Assistant *
Elena MatthewsCareer Services, Staff*
Elizabeth GarcharOB-GYN, Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow, Faculty 
Emily Bird-BrownHispanic Linquistics, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Graduate Assistant*
Emily GibbonsOB-GYN, Staff
Eric LindseyEarth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty
Eric RevelsStudent Health and Counseling / Massage Therapist, Staff*
Eve EspeyOB-GYN, Faculty
Farah NousheenArts & Science Advisement Center, Staff*
Frankie FloresDirector, LGBTQ Resource Center, Staff*
Gabrielle AbouslemanProject ECHO, Staff*
Gail HoustonEnglish 
Garen SparksSpeech and Hearing Sciences 
Gary WeissmannEarth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty 
Gena DunivanOB-GYN/GME, Faculty
Heather MechlerOffice of Institutional Analytics, Staff
Ian BirdwellPhysics & Astronomy, Graduate Assistant*
J. GourdinAfrican American Student Services, Staff*
Jan MartinCollege of Nursing / HSC, Faculty*
Janet GainesEnglish 
Janet PattersonSpeech and Hearing Sciences 
Jared JusticeDepartment of Nuclear Engineering, Graduate Assistant*
Jasmine McSparrenEnglish, Graduate Assistant
Jason WilbyForeign Languages & Literatures*
JB BenitezCollege of Arts & Sciences Development Office, Staff*
Jennifer LoveProvost Office 
Jessamyn LovellArt, Faculty *
Jesse AlemanEnglish & Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Faculty 
Jessica GoodkindSociology, HSC Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Faculty
Jessica RamosProvost Office 
Jessica RowlandSustainability Studies 
Jim WilliamsHearing Office, UNM Office of the President, Staff*
JJ ConnMechanical Engineering, Staff*
Joanna FurnansLGBTQ Resource Center, Staff*
John CarrGeography 
Julie WilliamsEnglish*
Kam AttiaResidence Life and Student Housing, Staff*
Karen KinsmanUNM STEM-H Center HSC Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion*
Karen LuceroSHAC, Staff*
Karen PattersonDepartment of Organization Studies / Anderson School of Management, Faculty  
Karen TaylorOB-GYN, Staff
Karla EickhoffPolitical Science, Graduate Assistant*
Kat HeatheringtonArt Department Graduate Office, Staff*
Kate MeriwetherOB-GYN, Faculty 
Kathleen ClawsonTheater and Dance 
Kathleen KennedyOB-GYN, Faculty 
Kathryn WichelnsEnglish, Faculty 
Kathy Powers-JordanDepartment of Political Science, Faculty 
Katie MyersComprehensive Cancer Center/ College of Population Health, Graduate Assistant*
Kimberly GaudermanHistory 
Kristen ThomsonPsychology, Faculty 
Kristopher GoodrichCollege of Education*
Kyle FioreEnglish 
Kyle HendersonCenter for Development and Disability, Staff*
Larry GorbetLinguistics 
Laurel LampelaArt History*
Lawrence Roybal, Ph.D.Graduate Resource Center 
Les FieldAnthropology 
Leslie DonovanUniversity Honors, Faculty *
Levi CooperDepartment of Fine Arts, Faculty 
Lexi SheffieldPsyschology, Graduate Assistant*
Lindsay WorthingtonEarth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty 
Linnea IstaBiomedical Engineering / Center for Biomedical Engineering, Faculty 
Lisa HoflerOB-GYN, Faculty
Lisa BishopOB-GYN Midwifery, Staff
Liz HutchisonHistory, AVP Division for Equity & Inclusion, Faculty SAFE, LAII, Faculty*
Llewelynn FletcherArt, Faculty *
Lorena Blanco-SilvaDivision For Equity and Inclusion, Staff 
Maggie SumruldArts & Sciences Academic Advisement, Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Dept. of Geography & Enviornmental Studies, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Staff
María MontoyaOB-GYN, Faculty 
Marisa ClarkEnglish, Faculty*
Marissa GreenbergEnglish, Faculty & 2021DEI Fellow
Mark FischerCancer Center / Staff Council, Staff*
Mark McKnightArt and Art History, Graduate Assistant *
Mary Beth KingUniversity Communications and Marketing, Staff
Megan FaulknerEducational Psychology, Graduate Assistant*
Melanie MosesComputer Science*
Mia HeldA & S Advisement, Staff*
Michael LovatoVeteran & Military Resource Center, Staff*
Michelle OzbunMolecular Genetics & Microbiology, UNM School of Medicine, UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Faculty *
Michelle SanchezCompliance, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity, Staff
Missa LaversCollege of Nursing, Staff
Nicole ReynaPsychology, Graduate Assistant *
Noelle BordersOB-GYN, Staff
Olivia BacaUniversity Libraries & Learning Sciences (CULLS), Faculty*
Pam AgoyoAmerican Indian Student Services
Pamela Cheek Foreign Languages and Literatures, Academic Affairs, Faculty  
Philip DaleSpeech and Hearing Sciences 
Prajakta AdsulInternal Medicine, Faculty 
Rachel CohenLanguage, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies, Graduate Assistant
Richard SchaeferCommunications & Journalism 
Robin CamardoUniversity Communications & Marketing 
Rosa Isela CervantesEl Centro de la Raza
Rudy MontoyaStudent Activities Center, Staff*
Salam ChalouhiOB-GYN, Faculty 
Sarah AdamsOB-GYN, Faculty 
Sarah SmithAnderson School of Management 
Sarah VoldenCollege of Education and Human Sciences, Staff*
Shawn PenmanEarth Data Analysis Center*
Sherry ReederOphthalmology Clinics, Staff*
Shinsuke EguchiCommunication & Journalism, Faculty *
Sierra Donovan CushingEMS Acadamy, Staff
Stacia SmithTheater and Dance 
Stephanie JacintoArt History, HSC Library & Informatics Center, Graduate Assistant*
Stephanie McIverStudent Health and Counseling (SHAC), Staff
Steven Bishop Foreign Languages 
Sushilla KnottenbeltChemistry BA/MD, Faculty 
Tamara GardnerOB-GYN, Midwifery, Staff
Teresa OrtizUNM Residence Life & Student Housing, Staff 
Teresa RutledgeCancer Center Gynecologic Oncology, Faculty *
Tifah BenallyAmerican Indian Student Services, Staff
Toni KuehnStudent Health and Counseling (SHAC), Staff, Counselor*
Tony GarganoEarth and Planetary Sciences, Graduate Assistant
Tracey BriggsSupervisor, Employee Wellness in Benefits & Employee Wellness, Staff*
Tracy WenzlSpeech and Hearing Sciences 
Tricia BlackOB-GYN, Staff
Trisha MartinezSociology 

Tyler Mackey

Earth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty 

Victoria Medina

OB-GYN, Staff*