Transgender Inclusion and Equity at UNM

Students holding a banner displaying the text Black Trans Lives MatterThe University of New Mexico is committed to being an equitable and diverse climate on campus. The LGBTQ Resource Center has worked with entities such the Office of Equal Opportunity, the UNM Policy Office, and others to create policy and procedure to ensure that Trans and Gender Non-Conforming students have equitable access to education, teaching, and employment on campus. Below is a list of resources that folx can utilize if they are in need of services. If you need assistance with any of these, or experience discrimination in your classes, please contact the LGBTQ Resource Center.
  • Policy 2720
    • The University is committed to fostering an environment of inclusiveness that respects an individual’s preferred form of self-identification, including a name other than a legal first name and the pronoun that aligns with their gender identity. This policy prohibits gender-based discrimination, including discrimination based on gender-identity or expression, and affirms the right of individuals to use the gender-specific facilities consistent with their gender identity.
    • 5. Gender Identity
      • 5.1. Preferred or Affirmed First Names and Pronouns
      • This policy prohibits discrimination and harassment based on gender identity or gender expression. Individuals shall not be required to obtain a court-ordered name change before being addressed by the first name and pronoun that corresponds to their gender identity. The University is committed to using preferred or affirmed names and pronouns wherever possible in the course of University business and education.
      • Members of the University community are expected to make reasonable efforts to address individuals by a pronoun corresponding to their gender identity upon request. Individuals may not be subjected to unwelcome questions or invasive requests for documentation related to their gender identity.
      • The intentional or persistent refusal to respect a preferred or affirmed name or pronoun can constitute discrimination or harassment that is a violation of this policy. This policy does not prohibit inadvertent slips or mistakes in using an individual’s preferred or affirmed name or pronoun.
      • 5.2. Gender-Specific Facilities
      • Individuals shall be provided access to designated gender-specific facilities consistent with their gender identity
  • Lobo ID Card
    • In accordance with Policy 2720, the LoboCard Office will issue your Lobo ID with your affirmed name on it without the need for legal documentation
      • The LoboCard Office will offer one free name change to accommodate the preferred name initiative. Since only preferred first names are included in this initiative at this time, this one-time offer only applies to reprints tied to first names. Should the cardholder request to return to legal name or to change to another preferred name, the $10 name change fee will apply.
  • Residence Life
    • UNM’s Residence Life allows for students to pick a room that aligns with their gender identity, without the need for documentation. Additionally, Residence Life has the “Gender Neutral and Allies Living Learning Community” that Trans and Queer students may sign up for:
      • A safe, friendly and open environment based upon inclusivity, fostering long-lasting relationships, providing resources and engaging involvement from resident allies. To respect the privacy of these students the location of this hall will not be made publicly available by RLSH. For more information, please reach out to UNM Housing.
  • Diploma
    • Graduates from UNM (current and past) may receive their diploma with their affirmed name on it. Please visit the registrars for more information